The SpeelDagHB is a day filled with activities, experiments, information, inspiration, motivation, challenges and more. Ment for young (presumably) gifted children and their parents.

Nina is qualified BHV'er
(first aid and safety).

During every SpeelDagHB we organise a 'Collect and Swap' activity.

Our aim

You, our visitors, told us that you were hoping to meet one another and gain new contacts. Children are looking for someone to play with and hope to make new friends. Parents hope to meet each other and share experiences and tips. We hope to help you connect.

This is how it works

  • After each activity that you have participated in, you will receive a coloured note from the exhibitors (workshop, 'walked in' and bought something). The coloured note will have a random colour.
  • You choose the colour you want to collect.
  • As soon as you have collected five paper notes in the same colour, you can come to our register and collect your surprise of the day.

During each SpeelDagHB it can vary what we offer as a present for 'Collect and Swap' So come over to our register and look at 'todays present and colours'.


  • We have noticed that the exhibitors sometimes forget to give you your paper note. So please, if they forget, ask them for you paper note.
  • Amongst each other you can swap, it will help you collect your five notes sooner.

Illustrative pictures:

The notes you can collect all have a different colour. On the note we have printed todays date.

In this box, situated at our register, we hold for you 'todays collectable'.

During the SpeelDagHB in Assen (30-09-2017) and Hoorn (28-10-2017) the collectables are these Speely's.

The Speely's are the little puppets next to this dino. Our son loves to play with them.