The SpeelDagHB is a day filled with activities, experiments, information, inspiration, motivation, challenges and more. Ment for young (presumably) gifted children and their parents.

Nina is qualified BHV'er
(first aid and safety).

  • "We are grateful for today. We are really tired, but also satisfied. We have stayed so much longer than anticipated."
    A parent- SpeelDagHB 1 in Schiedam

  • "It felt like walking around a candy store."
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 1 in Schiedam

  • "This is so much fun. I would cancel my musical club for this. And that is something I normally don't!"
    A young visitor - SpeelDagHB 1 in Schiedam

  • "It was very super duper fun!!"
    A young visitor - SpeelDagHB 1 in Schiedam

  • "We enjoyed the butterflies, playing games and drawing the most. We are so happy my daughter found a new friend!"
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "My child was addressed on her own level and people respected her shyness."
    A parent- SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "So much recognition amongst each other, wow!"
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "The workshop given bij Noks Nauta was very useful to me. It really helped a lot."
    An adult - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "How come there is no SpeelDagHB every week?"
    A boy 6 years - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "The peacock butterfly was so special. It changes colours when you shine on it with a light."
    A girl 10 years - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "Today we for registered for april 21st. We will be here."
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "It feels so good to be here. Next time we will be here as well!"
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "Suddenly we realised, our child was so much more at ease. The lively behaviour disappeared."
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 1 in Hoorn
  • "We stayed much longer then we had anticipated."
    A parent - SpeelDagHB 1 in Hoorn

  • "I looked through a telescope. That man really knows a lot."
    A boy - SpeelDagHB 1 in Assen

  • "The reptiles were cool. I held a snake."
    A girl - SpeelDagHB 1 in Assen

  • "The day is always filled with so much fun. We already for registered for the next SpeelDagHB in Amersfoort."
    A parent - prior to SpeelDagHB 4 in Amersfoort

  • "I went to the workshop of Noks Nauta, about gifted adults. I have learned a lot about myself."
    An adult visitor - SpeelDagHB 3 in Amersfoort

  • "This is a nice and relaxed manner of discovering more about all kinds of facets of giftedness."
    A parent who has visited SpeelDagHB 1, 2 and 3 in Amersfoort

  • "It was a cool day. To bad SpeelDagHB is only twice a year."
    A young visitor - SpeelDagHB 3 in Amersfoort

  • "It felt so natural, it was easy to walk into a classroom."
    Elena 11 jaar - SpeelDagHB 3 in Amersfoort

  • "I would have loved to learn more about the human body."
    Girl 9 years - SpeelDagHB 3 in Amersfoort

  • "Chinese was fun and difficult"
    Girl 8 yaers - SpeeldagHB 2 in Amersfoort

  • "I was allowed to buy a tangle."
    Girl 6 years - SpeelDagHB 2 in Amersfoort

  • "I really enjoyed the games where you work as a team."
    Boy 7 years - SpeelDagHB 2 in Amersfoort

  • "The gentleman with the minerals!"
    This gentleman was a great hit amongst children and parents - SpeelDagHB 1 and 3 in Amersfoort

  • "I hope I have won the LEGO."
    Boy 5 years - SpeelDagHB 1 in Amersfoort

  • "I really liked the inflatable."
    Boy 7 years - SpeelDagHB 1 in Amersfoort